Meaningful relationships are beneficial to mental health

Relationships, family, and our drive to connect with others is a fundamental human need. These are seen as base level necessities and take prominence in pioneering psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. They are second only to the physiological needs of...

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The Power of Pets

Nearly half of all adults in Scotland own a pet and with around 5.5 million people in Scotland that’s a lot of pets! The benefits of having a pet in your life are many and wide reaching and when you think about those individual benefits, they are all markers for good...

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10 Free Things to do with Children in Scotland

It can be expensive trying to find places to go as a family but this doesn't always have to be the case.  We thought we would round up the ten best free family days out in Scotland. Hopefully there is something for everyone here: National Museum of Scotland –...

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How Can I Support My Child Going to Counselling?

If your child is having counselling, it can cause difficult feelings for you, and you may not know how to approach the subject or know what to say during this time. This guide has been written to help parents navigate this time and has been written with input from...

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What is Counselling for Carers?

This is a fully funded service delivered by our trained counsellors, for those who care on a day to day basis for someone who is ill or vulnerable, for example, a spouse or partner, a friend or another family member. Counselling for carers is also there for those who...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Relationship Counsellor

    Are they trained to work with relationships? Entrusting yourself and your relationship to relationship counselling can seem daunting especially when there are so many different forms of counselling available. The first thing you need to ask a counsellor...

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