What is Counselling for Carers?

Jul 7, 2023

This is a fully funded service delivered by our trained counsellors, for those who care on a day to day basis for someone who is ill or vulnerable, for example, a spouse or partner, a friend or another family member. Counselling for carers is also there for those who no longer have a caring role due to suffering a bereavement.

Counselling offers time and a safe space for a carer to take time out, to focus on themselves and a chance to reflect and talk through their feelings, something they may normally have very little time to do due to their caring duties.

Many people don’t view themselves as carers and often just see themselves as doing “what anyone would do” for someone they loved or cared about. More often than not the carer is completely focused on those that they are caring for and struggle away in silence, only reaching out for help when they hit breaking point.

Appointments can be flexible

At Relationships Scotland Dumfries and Galloway we understand that a carer has responsibilities, often trying to keep many plates spinning at the one time, which is why we will work with you to find a mutually convenient time for you to meet with a counsellor. We try and make this as convenient as we can for you, with daytime and evening appointments available which can be face to face, by telephone or online via Zoom.

I’d like to speak to a counsellor, what do I do next?

If you feel you might benefit from speaking to one of our trained counsellors, please contact our office on 01387 251245 or email We will take some details from you and you will be matched with one of our counsellors who will do their best to help you.