Parents going through a tough divorce or separation can often find it too difficult to see each other, so children need a safe, welcoming place to spend time with their non-resident parent.

Child contact centres can play an essential role in helping children affected by family breakdown to maintain relationships with the parent they no longer live with or with other family members.

The central concept of a child contact centre is to offer a safe, friendly, neutral, child-centred environment for children to meet their non-resident parent or family member. They are designed to be a stepping stone to a more permanent arrangement for future contact.

Child contact centre staff do not assume direct responsibility for children during contact. The child is always the responsibility of the person bringing the child for contact and, during contact, the person having the contact. Contact Centre staff will, however, manage the transition of the child(ren) from one parent to another, when required.

We have a child contact centre in both Dumfries and Stranraer, offering supervised, supported and handover contact. We also have practical advice and literature available on how using a child contact centre helps and what happens at a child contact centre.

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Supervised Contact
Referral & Set Up Fee – £150 (Fee required before an appointment can be made)
Hourly Fee – £90 (Maximum of two hours contact session)
Supervised Report – £150 (Based on a block of six contact sessions – payable in advance of each report requested)

Supported Contact
Referral & Set Up Fee – £150 (Fee is required before an appointment can be made)
Hourly Fee – £80 (Maximum of three hours contact session)
Attendance Report – £50 (Based on each block of twelve contact sessions – payable in advance of each report requested)

Handover Contact
Referral & Set Up Fee – £100 (Fee is required before an appointment can be made)
Contributions per session would be welcomed thereafter
Attendance Report – £50 (Based on each block of twelve contact sessions – payable in advance of each report requested)
We will facilitate Handover contact for a maximum period of 6 months.

Legal Aid may be available to cover the above costs. You are advised to consult a solicitor to check your eligibility for Legal Aid.

The below videos describe what happens when visiting a Child Contact Centre.

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Latest News

Family Mediation – involving other family members

Family Mediation provided by Relationships Scotland is typically between two parents who live apart and want to discuss the care arrangements for their child or children.  The context is separation, divorce or family re-structuring or perhaps the parents were not together as a couple when the child was born.

Sometimes it can be helpful for other family members to be involved in the mediation process.  This might be grandparents, new partners or step parents who are also involved in the care of the child, or it might be that an older child or young person wants to discuss the issues they have with the adult in mediation themselves.

It’s Good to Talk in Family Mediation

Do you wish you could have a discussion with your ex-partner about the arrangements for the children which made some progress towards a resolution?

Many people find communicating with their child’s other parent hugely challenging. Difficulty in communicating might have been one of the reasons for splitting up! Help may be at hand, however.

Family Mediation for All

We know that families come in all shapes and sizes and that parents, children and other family members have different life experiences and make their own life choices.  Our mediators are skilled at helping all families find solutions that are as unique as they are.

Family Mediation – working alongside other support for families in the context of Separation and Divorce

This is the story of one of our families who were attending the Child Contact Centre, and how they made effective use of mediation. Sophie (not her real name) was around 7 years old, and she was brought to the Centre fortnightly on a Saturday by her Mum, to spend time with her Dad. The situation was very fraught and both parents could be very negative about each other at times, and vocal about the other parent at the handover in the Centre. Sophie was frequently upset.