I Wish I Knew by Donna Ashworth

Jun 27, 2022

I wish I knew, from the start,
that self-esteem is a home grown virtue.
And that you should never plant those precious seeds,
in someone else’s garden.
I wish I knew, at every step,
that all those seeds really require,
in order to bloom,
is approval, from yourself.
Yes I wish I knew, way back then,
that self-approval is their sunlight,
peace is their soil
and love is their rain.
And all the other things can come and go like the seasons and the wind.
I wish I knew, all along,
that those seeds can grow so tall, so strong and so fierce,
like the most beautiful sunflowers,
if the conditions are right.
Or they can wither away to weed and husk,
if neglected.
I wish I knew, that no matter how much of the world I scoured,
I would not find a better garden,
than the one I could grow myself,
if only I knew how.
And I wish for you,
to know,
this too,
so you,
can grow,
and water,
From “I Wish I Knew” by Donna Ashworth