I Missed You Today by Donna Ashworth

Jun 27, 2022

I missed you today but that’s nothing new,
I missed you a million times yesterday too.
I picked up my phone to tell you the news,
then realised, again, I can’t text it to you.
I saw your bright smile, at least twenty times,
and then I remember, it’s all in my mind.
I drive without presence, the world feels surreal,
And on comes your song and this doesn’t seem real.
I missed you today but I miss you a lot,
It’s helpful to miss you, it’s all that I’ve got.
I wish I could pull you down here for a while
I’m frightened to lose the shape of your smile.
I miss you today and I’ll miss you tomorrow,
There seems to be no coming end to this sorrow.
I try to go on as I know that you care,
I know that you’re willing me on from up there.
I miss you today but I’m trying to find,
A way to move on but not leave you behind.
A way to forge on with the love that we had,
A way to recall you and simply feel…glad.
From “I Wish I Knew” by Donna Ashworth