Family Mediation Week, 17 to 21 January 2022

Jan 18, 2022

For Family Mediation Week 2022 we are focussing on what parents say about their experience of participating in Family Mediation with Relationships Scotland, and sharing some of the stories of what parents found most helpful.

One parent told us:

It makes a big difference just being able to listen to what each of us has to say, which resolves conflict and helps to break down barriers.  Most importantly our son is happier.

You can hear from a mum talking about how mediation helped with sorting out arrangements for her two girls at this link:

One thing she says is: ‘It was just the best way to speak it through.…It just felt like you had somebody who was independent, listening to both sides but at no point could I feel pushed in to something.’

We have put together a few other comments from parents in to a short audio recording which you can listen to at the same link:

Throughout the week we will highlight stories of parents and children being supported by Family Mediation.

One Dad commented recently:

‘Communications are so much better between us since we started mediation. We don’t blame each other now. We are working together. The children are much happier. I don’t want to go back to where we were.’

Mum said:

‘Mediation has helped a lot, I just wish we’d started it sooner. I’m much less stressed, so are the girls. I just want them to have a good relationship with their Dad, I know they need that. All that matters is that they are well.

You can find out more about Family Mediation, how it works and how it can help here:

You can read our blog about what to consider when looking for a family mediator here: